My Still Life

February 23, 2012

Welcome home still life.

Time for a giveaway. Haven’t had one in a while.

Yesterday when I arrived home I was greeted by this still life on my kitchen table…… ok, it didn’t look exactly like this but after a little artistic adjusting….it looked like this. I love a still life.

For a chance to win a harrysdesk surprise prize pack you need to answer this question by commenting below.

Why were these things waiting for me when I got home?

The most accurate answer….or the most creative answer….. will win the pack.

You have a week to come up with your answer. That’s 9:30 pm on the 1st of March 2012.

What’s in the pack?

It’s a surprise!


7 Responses to “My Still Life”

  1. Margie said

    Oh dear…have I missed some important event?

  2. Effie said

    I think this is a present from your husband. I think the flowers and wine are a gift for your anniversary, because the red colour of the flowers shows his love for you. The apple signifies that “you are the apple of his eye”!

  3. Deanna said

    I think it’s a ‘statement’ about your uncluttered kitchen table! Recognition of your new leaf!

  4. Apple for the teacher? Red things you like to match your kitchen? Sorry, not at all creative! xx

  5. Jennifer said

    Perhaps they are to signify the fruits of the spirit and to say congratulations on the start of a new venture or the conclusion of an old one.

  6. Cath said

    I’ve done some research back to that beautiful wedding photo i remember seeing last year and I can see it’s not your anniversary…

    I reckon he’s big-time sorry. You know you can always tell *how* sorry by the gift that accompanies the words 😉 Maybe you love red, so all that red – wine, apple, flowers – would be the perfect way to repent of some husbandly misdeed. Did he forget Valentine’s perhaps? Forget to shower one week?

    And did you forgive him?

  7. […] so the still life really didn’t give a lot […]

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