5 year old starts school

February 14, 2012

A very excited 5 year old on a very rainy first day of school.

Yes, it’s happened!

I now have 4 girls at school.

5 year old started very excitedly and has loved it.

Very grown up in the tunic and hat.

I am so pleased with the teachers she has. We know them well (and better still they know her) because 2 of my other girls have had them in the past. There are a few children in the class that she knew already, which is always a great blessing, and has started making some new friends.

She seems to have grown up so quickly in the last two weeks but tiredness is still a big obstacle.

My favourite photo.




3 Responses to “5 year old starts school”

  1. Margie said

    Another lovely post of another lovely neice!

  2. Caroline E said

    So good to see the photos. Well done 5 year old! I ‘get’ the tiredness of starting school, and I’m only the parent!

  3. Oh too lovely! Can’t wait to hear how she is rocking the kindy world!

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