11 year old off to high school

February 13, 2012

The official first day of school photo of 11 year old.

Yes, Ok I am about the last person in the cyber world to post my kidlibots first days at school….but better late than being accused of being a very bad mother for years to come!

11 year old started at Canterbury Girls High School a couple of weeks ago now.

It’s gone well….. but she is almost as tired as the 5 year old.

A drama-esque photo. She thought she looked like she attended Hogwarts.

Biggest disappointment so far was finding out she wouldn’t be able to play volleyball for sport (or any sport for that matter) because that’s when the choir practises for the musical. Fortunately I am not the ranting type (in this written medium) but if you know me personally I am more than willing to download the full rant about not making sport accessible for girls.


Especially high school ones.

How she gets to school.


4 Responses to “11 year old off to high school”

  1. Ooh, been wondering how these weeks have been! Gorgeous girl, we love you! xx

  2. Chris Morphew said


  3. Margie said

    lovely blog Ally

  4. Caroline E said

    looking so grown up! Glad its going well,
    Caroline E

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