Idea of the Day: Go to the Local Park.

January 10, 2012

Take lunch or morning tea and go to the park.

…or make it a park crawl.

Visit one park then walk (or drive) to the next one and enjoy it before finding another one.

Hoping it’s a nice day as I schedule this one!!


2 Responses to “Idea of the Day: Go to the Local Park.”

  1. Louise said

    I love the idea of a park crawl ! We have 5 Parks in our suburb – feel very lucky. For something different I can also recomend a great park in putney that has a wading pool, which is great on a hot day

  2. Deb said

    Ooh, we just got home from doing this (without having read it). What a coincidence! It’s certainly a lovely day here in Perth, don’t know about you guys…

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