Advent (18- 25)

December 29, 2011

Day 18: Jewel

Day 18:

Stone: Blue Jewel.

Image from the Book Depository.

Activity: Read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson.

We opened the stone and talked about how precious we are to God…. Not just pure but a beautiful jewel. Due to the change of terrain due to the move, we didn’t read the book, but will take it on holidays with us (if we can find it)

Day 19: Music note.

Day 19: Star.

Day 19: Praying.

Day 19:

Stone: Music, Star, Praying Eyes.

Bible Reading: Luke 1-2: 1-21

Activity: Play charades with lolly pops in our mouths.

Opened the stones and chatted about there meaning. This passage is a long one…. which I was really looking forward to, as it’s the passage we have read the last couple of years. We didn’t read it, but relied on our memories to place the stones images. Examples included Mary’s song, the star the shepherds saw and followed and Zachariah’s prayer.

Image from Games Paradise.

Day 20: House...or Stable.

Day 20:

Stone: House/Stable

Bible Reading: Matthew 7: 24

Activity: Use the stones to tell the story of the wise and foolish builders. Discuss.

Play Settlers of Catan. 

Yes, from here on we opened the stones and not much more. We will take Settler on holidays and have a few games, I am sure.

Day 21: Angel.

Day 21:

Stone: Angel

Bible Reading: Read Mark 4:1-20

Activity: Talk about how the shepherds listened to the angel who was bringing God’s message.

Unwrapped the stone only and remembered the angels role in the Christmas story.


Day 22: Heart.

Day 22:

Stone: Heart

Bible Readings: Isaiah 26:4, Isaiah 44:8, 1 Peter 2

Activity: Talk through the concepts in these passages using the rocks as visual help.

Unwrapped the stone, and talked about how the Christmas story is one of God’s amazing love for his world.

Day 23:………………………..

Day 24:…………………………

Day 25:…………………………… The girls annual Christmas angel was part of their stocking today.


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