Yes, we are moving house!

December 21, 2011

The Scream by Edvard Munch.

Well …….. nothing like making a quick decision.

We became acutely aware of our need to move house and a possible option on the 11th of December, signed a lease on the 15th and the removal truck will be on our doorstep nice and early on the 30th.

Sounds do-able……

Add to that a number of commitments that we cannot say no to (or want to) and a holiday booked for the 2nd of January 2012….. things have started to feel very, very squishy!

I am so glad I got at least a little bit serious about getting rid of stuff though-out the year. We still have so much stuff though.

I am hoping that the sheer act of boxing things up and unpacking them at the other end will mean more junk goes! I am also hoping that the short time frame will mean I am more ruthless.

The move puts us in a more ‘normal’ housing situation, a house with less issues and a closer proximity to all three schools for next year. We will also be an easy walking distance from more people we love to hang out with.

What are your best moving house tips?

Please I need all the help I can get.

9 Responses to “Yes, we are moving house!”

  1. Nomes said

    Hooray! How exciting for you all!

  2. Annita said

    Hi Ally 🙂 Having done a bit of moving ourselves, probably the best thing I’ve discovered is keeping the boxes ‘pure’. What I mean by this is don’t just grab whatever you can find from where ever in the house just to fill up a box. Only kitchen gear in the kitchen box etc. That way you tend to completely empty a whole box in the same space at the other end rather than having a few half empty boxes with things in them you are not sure where to put them. The only exception to this is if you have a built in linen cupboard ready to go in the house, you can ‘top up’ the boxes with sheets & towels because you will be able to stick them away as soon as the box is opened. Label stuff well, even embarrisingly well, it will help to prioritise the unpacking process no end. Paint or colour red spots or something on the boxes that will need to be opened first so theres no confusion for those helping you. When the major rooms are packed each in their designated boxes, you will probably find that you have a few ‘bits and pieces’ boxes (ornaments etc). Colour them with a bit of green so you know they can be opened last, when all the ordinary structures are in place. All the best sweetie, Annita

  3. Very exciting news! My advice – say yes to every offer of help!!

  4. Deb Teakle said

    Hi Ally, I’ve moved a lot too. In addition to Annita’s very good advice I would also:
    – Make sure you have disposable cups, plates etc to use so you can pack the last of your crockery the day before.
    – Use your towels to protect picture frames.
    – Try to clean as much as you can before you move out.
    – If you can measure up your new place so you work out exactly where all your furniture is going be placed you’ll save lots of work (I used to use to cut out pieces of paper to scale and move them around the ‘room’ before I had Photoshop.)
    – start making a list of the people/organisations that you will need to notify of your change of address
    – if you are not already on a contract, find out the best deals for electricity, gas, phone, internet etc.
    – Keep those pizza coupons handy
    – Oh and don’t forget to take photos of your place before you pack it up for memory’s sake.
    Hope that helps! All the best with your move.

  5. Kat said

    Similar to what annita said – we number all the boxes, so that at the other end we know to open them in reverse order – highest numbers first. Also we always have a big box called “OPEN FIRST” which has a set of clothes per person, nappies and wipes, paper cups and plates, some cleaning things, tea towels, phone chargers, soap, bed time reading, bedtime comfort toys, etc etc, and add stuff to that box as we pack.

    Pack breakables in your clothes/towels/linen.

    For our last move, we paid two packers to come for 2 hours and pack up all the breakables, and all the kitchen stuff – it wasn’t expensive compared to getting removalists pack the lot, and was money very well spent.

    I hope it all goes well!

  6. Cath said

    I’ve appreciated this advice too! We’re moving in to our new place on the 2nd, and I’m trying to do as little as possible at the moment so that Christmas is not sullied by moving, but it’s about all I’ve been thinking about, so everything else IS suffering, in spite of actually doing nothing!
    Hope your move goes well – I’m trying to downsize too – hard, huh?!

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks everyone for your tips. I am trying to hold them close at hand as I carefully stuff things in boxes.
      It must be helping as my sanity is still in tact….. so far so good. Thanks again.

  7. Meredith said

    How exciting.
    Hope the removal truck comes with removalists. That is well spent money in my view.
    Get the children who won’t be able to help pack farmed out for the two days before the move.
    Ask some friends to bring you food for the two days before, the moving day and maybe even the day after. We had friends and fam who did this for us and it was GREAT!
    Hope your Christmas was great. Thanks for the snow on your blog…loving it! And go well with that move.

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