Time to move on……

December 16, 2011

....she tells me the dress is NOT pink.... really?

It’s all over for 11 year old. Yes, today was her last day of Primary School.

Big changes afoot for her and us in the new year.

Although our first (now 13 year old) started high school last year, it’s always different with different children…. and it’s always big. I don’t feel like it is easier. Our hopes and fears are specific to each of them (although of course there are a lot of similarities). We are hoping and praying for her high school years to be a time of great blessing, both for her and those who know her. We also hope the decision for her to attend an all girls school … which is something we have resisted…. will work out.

I am started to tear up now… because these days of finishing and starting aren’t just big for them, but they are big for the parents as well. She is such a proud follower of Jesus, taking hits for it as recent as yesterday when she dared mention his name in her year book. She really rows her own boat and thinks her own deep thoughts.

She has been offered a place in the Gifted and Talented Performance Stream at Canterbury Girls High School . Her performance of choice: drama. We are so excited for her. She has a great Christian friend there already (who will be in year 8 next year), and has been dancing this term with the group at the school. God has been very generous so far to her and us.

In the new year she is hoping to get back into her blog. It will mostly cover her loves of history, drama and reading. I will link to it from time to time and also let you know if she is performing ….. as I am sure she would love to see friends in the audience.


6 Responses to “Time to move on……”

  1. Toby had a first and last with one year at preschool. It is amazing how bizarre it feels as a parent as I still remember the first time I saw my baby boy and it feels like yesterday! I cannot imagine what it will be like when he is going to high school in 6 years time!

  2. Nomes said

    Wow, look at her! She’s so beautiful! I think I sort of expect them to look the same even when I don’t see them for such a long time 🙂

  3. Sarah Kelly said


  4. Margie said

    She looks gorgeous! Amazing! lovely post xxxMargie

  5. lovely girl. and it is not pink. hugs

  6. Oh we love that girl! I was just looking through old photos during the week, at the girls at our wedding (almost 10 years ago) and all the years since. God is strong and kind.

    Looking forward to seeing how God provides for her and you all in the newness. xxxxxx

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