Bliss bomb: Knit Knit

December 10, 2011

Learn to Knit Tea Cosy by Knit Knit. $35 (without discount)

hd: Hi Anna, tell us a little about yourself….
ak: I am a quiet country girl come city slicker who loves knitting, sewing and baking. I’m obsessed with learning how to do new things, and usually hate to make the same thing twice!
hd: I know what you mean. What did you think you would be doing when you were in school?
ak: To be honest, I had no idea what I would be doing! I knew I wanted to make things and do something creative, but I didn’t have any clear idea of what kind of job I could do. I chose to study Fashion and Textile design so maybe I was hoping to head towards being the next Akira Isogawa…
hd: As far as I know Akira doesn’t knit…. so….how did you get to this point?
ak: I worked a little in fashion, then a little in textiles and graphics, then started to feel like I really wanted to be creating my own product, rather than working on someone else’s. I have always been a keen knitter, and realised that a lot of my friends were keen to knit too, but had never learnt. Or they’d tried and failed. So I set out to somehow make knitting accessible to young people who are that way inclined.

Learn to knit Christmas Stocking by Knit Knit $30 (without discount).

hd: Great idea. It’s not really something that gets passed from generation to generation like it was in the past, which is a pity.  Tell us how you have made knitting accessible again.
ak: I create ‘learn to knit’ kits for kids and adults that have an emphasis on great quality natural yarn and needles, and really simple, easy to follow instructions. The kits are a perfect starting point for a non-knitter to explore the world of knitting (or for a rusty knitter to get back on the horse). The kits are designed to appeal to young people and kiddies, and are a great way to introduce them to the world of knitting.

Colour choices.....

Kids Kits....

Smaller Kits...


hd: Have you always loved knitting? What is it about it that captured your attention and started you making things?
ak: Yes I started out knitting scarves for my Barbie dolls quite a while ago! I got hooked and loved making something that no one else was wearing. I also love that you can create a fabric out of a bit of string, and that you only need to know a couple of stitches and you can knit amazing things.

Learn to Knit Kids Hooded Scarf by Knit Knit $35 (without discount).

Adult Learn to Knit Hooded Scarf by Knit Knit $85 (without discount)

……… hd: It’s also super portable….. which makes it a great craft to learn.What did that first sale feel like?
ak: A great relief! I had put a lot of effort into kicking off the brand and was so glad when someone wanted to buy a kit. I think each sale still feels a little like that!
hd: Thanks Anna for helping us to get to know you a little more. What would you like to offer the  ‘Friends of harrysdesk’?
ak: I would love to offer everyone a discount to help you do your Christmas shopping. Just pop over to my etsy store  and enter the discount code FRIENDSOFHARRYSDESK to receive 20% off everything in store.
hd: That’s brilliant Anna. Thanks. I gave my 10 and 11 year old nieces sets last year and they loved the big needles and that everything they needed was right there, ready to go. ….. also 2 of my girls (at ages 6 and 11) completed kits. I love these!

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