From here to the moon in 5 days…… Guest Post by Sarah in Dubbo

November 30, 2011

Twig decoration and paper decoration.

Special Report from Guest Poster Sarah Kelly……

Did you know that we make enough Junk Mail in 5 days to get to the moon?
A team of ladies from Dubbo Presbyterian church organised a showcase of
Up-cycled Christmas decorations and ideas for women to bring their friends
along to.

There was time to eat (of course) and look at some of the displays
– advent calendars from baby socks or paper cones or matchboxes; nativity
scene from pop top juice bottles; junk mail wreaths, balls and Christmas
trees… as well as a whole host of different tree decorations made from
plastic bottles and buttons and cardboard rolls.

Matchbox Advent Calendar from reclaimed materials.

There was time to make your own decoration too!

There were four crafts to choose from – a junk mail ball, icosahedrons (20 sided ball made from Christmas cards), a twig star and a cardboard star.

We also got a chance to think about the gifts the wise men gave to Jesus on the first Christmas – a far cry from being up-cycled!
These gifts of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh reveal the wisdom of these men and
their understanding that the baby in a manger was in fact their King, God in
the flesh, come to die…

A note from me: Sarah tells me all the instructions for the different crafts can be found online. Might be time to take a look! …and thanks for guest posting this one. It’s very exciting to think that upcycling is becoming a movement! Thanks Sarah.


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