Bliss Bomb: Well Spotted (Yes, he’s at it again….. a give-away)

November 26, 2011

Well Spotted
hd: So, Tony, why work for yourself?
tc: Good question, it’s certainly not easy!
When I was small, my father’s job was a complete mystery to me. Now that I have a small person, I’d like him to know what it is that I do. He sees me printing t-shirts, he knows people in the shops that I sell to & he is well acquainted with the post office in Summer Hill where we queue up to send out my orders! What I do is tangible to him & he often comes up with t-shirt ideas for me which is a nice added way to engage with my son…
hd: Great reasons. Good chance he’s a little entrepreneur  in the making! So, in the last year, what exciting things have been happening at Well Spotted?
tc: Since last year Well Spotted has re-introduced adult t-shirts into the mix. Not too many because I prefer to see my prints making kids funnier!
hd: Do you have any new ‘funnys’ for us?
tc: This year I have tried to encourage my positive side and  come up with ‘Best. Day. Ever!’ & ‘Happy Go Lucky’ & ‘Sunshine & Lollipops & Rainbows & Everything’. Just try being grumpy when you’re wearing one of those!

Yes.... you could be the lucky winner of one of these Best. Day. Ever. t-shirts. See below for details.

hd: If we want to stay in touch with what Well Spotted is up to through out the year, how is the best way to do that?
tc: I sometimes engage with social media here – but when it’s really important (like a sale) I will send a message to my mailing list which you can join by clicking ‘keep me posted’ here –

happy go lucky. Available in Blue and Aqua.

Shineshine...etc available in Pink, Orange and Yellow.

hd: Last year, rather than offer a purchasing deal on your shirt…. which are really well priced anyway… offered a give-away. Thank for that. What would you like to surprise harrysdesk readers with this year?
tc: Since I’ve been accentuating the positive this year I’ll give one lucky reader a ‘Best. Day. Ever!’ t-shirt. They come in coal or brown & are available from kids size 3-6m to 14y.

Thanks Tony!! I feel very posititve about that already.
Ok, so here is how it will work….
Leave a comment below telling us of one of your Best. Day(s). Ever. and you have the possibility of being spotted in the newest Well Spotted t-shirt.
Please only enter once…..
Prize drawn randomly ….lunchtime (sometime after 12 and before 3pm) on December the 6th 2011.

10 Responses to “Bliss Bomb: Well Spotted (Yes, he’s at it again….. a give-away)”

  1. Steph said

    Best. Day. Ever. Would have to be the day Carlos and I spent together at Australia’s Wonderland just days before it closed down. We went on every ride 4 times and they had to escort us out because we wouldn’t leave hahaha…

    Xo Steph

  2. I didn’t think it would be so hard to come up with an absolute Best. Day. Ever! Can I say I love it when the sun’s going down and all the kids are out the back yard playing and trampolining and the sun lights up their hair and the world feels right? Nothing wrong with living for the moments, huh? (Love Tony’s t-shirts!)

  3. Rebekah Enoch said

    Best. Day. Ever. Yesterday, put up our new Christmas tree-silver with fiber optics, decorated the house, made homemade dumplings (first time ever) and ginger cake which we ate while watching “A Christmas Story”. Sooo nice

  4. best day should be ever, even if I have no good time recently. hugs

  5. Belinda Salan said

    My best day ever this year!!! (how can you just have one ever, getting engaged or even when you first met your special person. The birth of your 1st, 2nd, 3rd……bub!) So this year my best day ever was my bday!! I was totally spoilt with gifts by my little family and my big girls and I saw Mary Poppins! ( their first proper theater experience). On arriving home to a tidy house!! We all had Birthday cake!!! Yay what a great day!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Vanessa Murphy said

    My 5 year old has said many times this year “that was the best day ever!” (very satisfying as a parent). The first time was when we took her to Newcastle to learn to ride her bike without training wheels for the first time. She did very well at it, although Dad had to run behind her around and around the paths at the park. She had a few crashes but was very pleased with herself! We topped it off with an ice-cream and she declared “Dad, that was the best day ever!”

  7. Ali said

    Ah, somehow I did miss the fine print here. This is a hard one, but lately I have been posting old photos, and we used to go on these youth group camps every Easter, up into the hills around Northern NSW, and have the best times of hanging out together. I used to want to cry when they were over. That’s not very specific I know, so, one year we went to a place called Hanging Rock, where we all hung out in a wool shed, then went for a walk to a waterfall, which we all had to jump off – times like that in my un-disillusioned youth! 🙂 But these days I am happy enough with a Saturday poking around Newtown, doing some crochet, brunch with a friend … etc etc

  8. Laura said

    It is so hard to choose. We live in a great country and have so much. We certainly have had so truly best days!!! This past week has been a hideously busy week, a very busy working week for hubby and me at home trying to pack up our house with two preschoolers in tow. What made my Best Day Ever ( for this week) was when I was heading out the door to pick up more packing supplies and a friend turned up unannounced and cleaned our house for 2 hrs, then later than day another friend dropped over some dinner. It really is the best thing ever to live in a community of people who care for each other.

  9. Suzanne said

    Camping overnight for BonJovi and lying on Frazer Island beaches where great days in a previous life. My best. day. ever. involves my toddler playing nicely out the back (dappled light sounds good Anna) or playing nicely with her friends. Baby amusing himself. And then a good night sleep for the whole family. I get teared up just imagining it!

  10. Therese said

    I know it probably sounds corny, but the day my hubby asked me to marry him. I was full of anticipation as I knew he had the ring. I just didn’t know when it would be and he really dragged it all out. Being proposed to at the foot of the Jamison Valley is something I’ll never forget!

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