Orientating a 5 year old….and a very simple water bottle tutorial.

November 12, 2011

Friday was the first of 3 orientation mornings for 5 year old.

On Thursday we made a special water bottle to take and use into the coming year.

It is such a simple little project…and will make great Christmas presents for some of my many nieces and nephews.

I thought I would make up a little tutorial (although I am sure you could work it out for yourself:))

1. What you will need.

You will need:

  • a plain drinking flask
  • letter stickers
  • a sheet of stickers the child will like. (Waterproof if you can get them)
  • diamonties …..maybe not for boys…..

2. Using the letter stickers and the base of the flask as a guide..... stick on the name. Add diamonties if appropriate.

3a. Ta Da. Give the flask and the sheet of stickers to the real designers!

3b. Horsey stickers ....very inner city!

4. Enjoy watching them (you may need to be an extra set of hands) design their flask.

...and stick...

5. Admire the artistry....and use. Can you see she added some extra bedazzling between the horses?

This was a 10-15 minute craft.

  • No mess (Yay!)
  • Useful (Yay!)
  • Something I want to keep. (Bonus!)

11 year old loved it and asked could I make her a more grown -up one.

I'm thinking I might make myself one too! And no...she doesn't read Patricia Cornell and PD James. That is my stash from the fete last week....... thought it made a nice background.

Let me know if you try it.

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