Joshua tree big meeting

October 16, 2011

The Joshua Tree meeting of Community Groups.

Some of you will know that we that we have been trying something a little different with how we do church.

About a year and a half ago we began the Joshua Tree with 3 families.

It’s like a church plant…. without a church building and Sunday meetings as its non-negotiable, but wanting to keep Jesus as our only non-negotiable and the centre of all we do.

We love and serve each other in a number of ways

  • Prayer and care mini groups (2-4 people)
  • Medium size groups (about 3-8 family groups) called gospel communities… in peoples homes.
  • once a month public combined meeting in a rented building for Big church….
  • we meet is as we do life. We try and see each other during the week for work, play and rest.
  • move out and bless our local community through service and telling of and demonstrating Jesus as we go.

Yesterday was our first Big church were our two gospel communities came together to be encouraged by each other and to hear what the bible says about our work.

It was exciting!

It is exciting what God is doing through his people here in the inner west of Sydney.

Afterwards some of us headed to a local pub to eat together and watch the Rugby!


I’ll let you know before our next one happens.


2 Responses to “Joshua tree big meeting”

  1. Ali said

    Hey Ally,
    Sounds like it’s all going nicely!
    xo Ali

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