Fete Making (week 2,3 and 4)

October 13, 2011

Baby shoes......too cute. Made us both a little clucky!

Although the school holidays should have meant I had a lot of making to show you….. this sadly is not the case.

The last 3 weeks have been very slow in terms of fete making, because it has been very full of other things.

Maybe now school is back, and the November 5th date is less than a month away, things will get produced.

We will see.

I think we maybe making baby shoes for a couple of years! Do you recognise the fabric scraps? The Debbie Mumm fabric from this upcycle, and the IKEA fabric scrap from this upcycle.

Meanwhile….. this is what has happened.

  • Lots of baby shoes have been cut out using this fabulous pattern 
  • Hair-bands have been cut out (thanks Laura)…. sorry no accompanying picture. we are using this pattern 
  • Beth and I got together before term ended and made some shoes up. Packaging suggestions welcome and needed.
  • Purchased two little pincushion bases.

...from the back...

Boy-ish ones.....

Girlie ones....

Two little white bases for pincushions. As per Cath's suggestion.....just a few of these. Thought the little sizes might be good for high school textiles class.

One Response to “Fete Making (week 2,3 and 4)”

  1. Cath said

    The people pleaser in me wishes I hadn’t said anything Ally. Those pincushions will probably sell like hotcake and you will wish you had made heaps more!

    Those shoes are precious. They make me clucky too.. (no! NO!)

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