Lists….. in categories.

October 11, 2011

In any given month you can find me quietly smirking at my husbands lists.

Don’t get me wrong.

Lists are great.

But my husband has mastered the art of writing lists with categories and sub-categories …..some of these even with appendix lists.

He says it helps clear his mind.

Get things straight.

Make clear what the next thing to do is.


The typical 'random' list.

Day by day calendar list about the sink....

Well it seems after 20 years of knowing each other it’s subconsciously rubbing off on me. As I have walked from room to room in the last couple of days wondering what the next thing is to do….. I noticed my lists have turned from all in together random lists, to lists of subcategories

….and almost (the brainwashing is not yet complete) appendix lists.

...oh the details...

I have a list inside my kitchen cupboard door with a list of housework tasks I need to at least consider everyday…..

I have another list reminding me of my need to pray, read my bible and serve others.

On the bench is my shopping list and meal planner.

Above the sink is my calendar (which is really just a list in disquise, right?) for the rest of the year covering the movements of our 6 family members.

I have a list of things I need to do for harrysdesk

A list a la natural

….. a list of posts coming up on the blog…..

I have a fabric list for some work I am doing for a friend (more on this later).

A list of items to put together for the upcoming fete.

A long list of flagged emails to answer (sorry in advance if one is destined for your inbox)

….a Christmas present buying list in my handbag…..

Need I go on?

Seems now I will need to swap my quiet smirking for a knowing nod.



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