REPOST: Decorations to make and give.

October 3, 2011

Below are some instructions I wrote for my friend Nic at 168hrs about 3 years ago.

I though as part of my Christmas decorations post, I would share them with you also.


1. Cut wire about 60cm long.
2. Fold in half.
3. FEET : thread 1 small bead onto one thickness. Stop bead at bend in wire.
4. SKIRT: holding both wires together, thread 1 ‘drop’
5. BODY: holding both wires together, thread 1 medium bead (with large inner
6. WINGS: separating wire, thread approx 15 seed beads into one side, thread
wire back into the ‘body’ bead. Repeat for other wing.
7. HEAD: holding both wires together, thread 1medium round bead for head.
8. HALO: with both wires together, thread 1 bead cap (or daisy spacer bead)
9. FINISHING OFF: holding both wires together thread 1 seed (or metallic
10. Holding both wires thread one crimp piece and squash.
11. Using the same beads as used for wings, thread beads for about 10cm on
each wire.
12. With wires together again thread 1 crimp (and close) 1 seed bead and 1
crimp (close).

The sweetheart kissing ball from the Cupcake Cuppy.

Use the same idea to make Mary and Joseph.... if Santa doesn't take your fancy. Martha Stewart.

Image from kellishouse. A great instructional video at Activity TV

Upcycled stockings from Martha

Upcycled Christmas card balls. Martha Stewart.

Mmmmm.... Yes Please! We need a new wreath! This idea from Kiddley

Totally beautiful and downloadable. Thanks again Martha

Sweet simple table decorations as place settings. Or attach a ribbon for hanging decorations. Martha Stewart.

A great idea from Reese Dixon to make with the kids.

Beaded snowdrops. Thank you Martha Stewart.

Classically beautiful and made of hankies, by none other than Martha Stewart.

I know a lot of these ideas come from Martha Stewart. I do look elsewhere, but I always come back because she just has a gift!

Many of the ideas have downloads so they are as easy as they can be. Some have video tutorials and all of them are very doable…. even with little people or the craft challenged.

I would love to hear what you are planning on making, or if you have found other great ideas out there.

I am hoping I have inspired you do make just one thing for your family and friends this Christmas.

All images used in this post are from the websites they link through to. Just click on the photo and you are half way to made.


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