REPOST: Mini Picassos

September 30, 2011

On the blog Art projects for kids, Kathy Barbro shares a project she does with 9 year olds.

I mentioned it on my giant list of holiday fun things. Cubism like Picasso’s.

I thought given my girls were on both sides of this age group I would give it a go.

We made a few modifications:

  1. Size of paper. We used A7 black paper. Why? I find it’s good to try a new technique small. That way, it gets finished and they learn a new technique. We are all different, so one child might like the new art form, and another may not. Going small allows everyone to finish one, and for the keen beans to do more!
  2. Good quality coloured pencils not oil pastels. Why? Oil pastels are messy, pencils aren’t. We love these ones. Doing a smaller artwork meant the areas to colour were smaller, and this is easier with a pencil. 10 year old liked the technique and so made another A5 size drawings and used pastels for it.
  3. Metallic pencil for the outline. Why? We had them in the house, and metallic pencil on black paper makes even a simple drawing look fantastic.
  4. Made them into cards. Why? We are in a cardy kind of mood at our house and it’s a great way to use mini picassos.

From top left clockwise: 10 year olds, 7 year olds, 11 year olds and mine.

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