REPOST: I love one-on-on time…. and so does she.

September 29, 2011

Wednesday was lovely in so many ways!

Whilst the 10 and 11 year old were off having a few days with the grandparents (thanks guys!) 7 year old and I had some rare one-on-one crafty sewy girlie time.

We used the sewn heart card project I mentioned and linked to in the giant list of things to do.

I cut the shapes from the box of paper scraps, selecting only the pink and white papers.

After making a pile of hearts in different sizes, I also made a pile of square and rectangle shapes, and a pile of the heart outlines.

I then found some pink and white buttons and thread to add to the mix.

Here is what my clever little sausage made…. She has even sold 3 cards so far to friends and given one away!

A few things I learnt or was reminded of:

  1. Third children rarely get time with mum alone, especially to do something fun and learn a new skill.
  2. Learning to sew through paper/card is an excellent starting point because the paper is firm and doesn’t get ‘bunched up’ when you sew over it. It stays where you put it.
  3. There are lots of little steps to sewing even straight lines…. I only realised when I tried to show someone else how to do it.
  4. In design, it is sometimes helpful to reduce the possibilities. This is especially true with kids because every element you add requires more skills from them but actually decreases the creativity. In this project, I opened up one new possibility at a time, as she mastered the previous one.
  5. She’s a really fun kid who’s skill at learning new things surprised me.

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