REPOST: The giant list of possible winter holiday activities! (For 4-11 year olds)

September 28, 2011

The fairy garden, via Apartment Therapy

*Build a vertical garden.

*Make a fairy garden.

*Make a nature bracelet.

*Build a bird feeder.

*Movies out.

*Movies in. List of Age appropriate movies. Preschool +5-12 years, For an alternative list of the 100 best kids films. (I don’t personally endorse all 100)

*Make a movie.

*Do some jewellery making. Here from buttons.

*Favourite shop trip with a budget.

*Photograph your suburb or yard.

*Craft with junk. Socks and milk cartons and boxes.

*Bring some  snow inside.

Climb a tree and relax.

*Play photo find. Make a list (Something red, something alive) and send them off with a camera.

*Make a fort/cubby inside using lots of pillows and blankets.

*Have a bath and play, play, play.

*Climb a tree.

*Go to the library.

*See what special activities the council has organised in your area.

*Churches often have holiday clubs. Check out your local church or better still ask church people do they know of any they would recommend.

*Do some group artworks.

*Play computer games. We like PBS kids PBS kids GO (for older kids) , agame (selected games), national geographic kids,  ABC kids playground (younger end)

*Write a letter to a friend.

Skeleton pasta art. Image Martha Stewart.

*Craft with eating things. Here and here and here

*Cook crafting things. Playdough and Peanut Butter Playdough and Clay and Silly putty

*Visit grandma and grandpa.

*Call interstate friends.




*Knit for hours.

*Draw for hours

*Play board games. We like Sleeping Queens, Rat-a-tat-cat, Juniour Scrabble, Monopoly Deal, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride.

*Go to a sports camp

*Go to a drama workshop.

Ride your bike!

*Do a big puzzle that takes days.

*Play dress ups.

*Blog, or set up blogs.

*Read  to each other

*Rest…. lots of resting in bed with a warm doona and flannelette pjama’s.

*PJ day!

*Go to the local art gallery.

*Go to local museum.

*Read by yourself. Lists for all ages here and here and broken down into topics here.

*Write a play.

*Write a story.

*Write a poem.

*Go to the park with a ball, frisbee, chalk, remote control car, scooter, bike, skateboard, picnic, pack of cards, ribbon stick, book.

Cousin love

*Hang out with cousins.

*Try and learn a memory verse together.

*Have a theme song for your holiday and listen to it everyday… lots of times.

*Make a crazy lunch.

*All read the same chapter of the bible together, so you talk about it during the day.


*Go fruit picking… maybe in your own backyard.

*Laugh together.

*Talk about plans and important things.

*Cook all day!

*Craft all day!

*Make bubble wands.

Lego sculptures

*Construct with lego.

*Play with Duplo.

*Make rock animals. Here and here

*Sleep overs with close friends at our place.

*Sleep overs with close friends at their place.

*Go rock climbing.

*Busk at the local shops.

Pipe cleaner iguana by Martha Stewart

*Create with pipe cleaners.

*Have a garage sale.

*Rearrange the bedroom.

*Throw some things away.

*Paint and draw like the masters. Miro or Picasso or Kandinsky or Klee

*Help with some jobs. Age appropriate lists here.

*Invite friends for dinner.

*Have Christmas in July.

*Make a holiday ‘advent ‘ calender.

*Go for a long walk.

Paper cranes. Photo from Apartment therapy.

*Experiment with paper folding flowers and origami

*Catch as many forms of public transport as you can in one day.

*Make a wind sock/kite.

*Make cards on the sewing machine.

*Do a job for a neighbour.

*Make a dragon together.

*Learn a new skill.

*Compose a piece using garage band.

*Try and surprise everyone in your family at least once during the break.

*Get your children to teach you something they know about but you don’t.

*Make an I’m bored jar, and use it!

The Mum I'm bored Jar. Photo by Skip to my Lou

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