Fete Making 2011 (week 1)

September 14, 2011

I am still hoping for some more feedback ….. it’s really, really helpful so please do if you haven’t yet.

This week I found myself in Tek’s (how did that happen?) and a couple of ideas came to me.

Pet Rocks….which I loved as a kid, and a new idea….. ‘Pixies’

Lots of different 'species' including the odd Cyclops. The Pixies are to the right.

Now …. do they come with adoption certificates?

Still deciding. Let me know what you think.


3 Responses to “Fete Making 2011 (week 1)”

  1. Taire said

    These could be another head band option. they are brill…and reasonably cheap i’d imagine.
    Headbands made with fabric and wire:


    they stay on your head so much better…i picked up 2 yesterday…pretty excited to wear them

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks Taire,
      They look sooooo 80’s, which is a good thing, but I hesitate because I have been there before.
      Will give them a go.
      What sort of wire do you think is being used?
      Also……. (while we are on the subject of ’80’s hair accessories)…….what is your verdict on the scrunchie?
      Too soon? We talked about making some last year…..and then couldn’t bring ourselves to do it.

      • Taire Wilson said

        Haha well, wether it’s too soon or not i bought myself a scrunchie yesterday 😛 it’s floral and pretty! i think scrunchies are back in because buns are back in…high buns, the shop where i got my scrunchie yesterday had heaps.

        The wire headband i’m wearing today just uses crafting wire i think – the type that is easily bendable and its just folded over on each end so it doesnt spike the fabric. the fabric is just a tube around it (as in fabric and wire are not actually attached to each other). sounds like the other headbands you had a picture of are popular too. i just prefer the wire one because it actually stays on my head and the twist bit at the top gives it a “vintage” kinda feel

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