Where words and pictures meet: Oliver Jeffers

August 21, 2011

Image from The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers.

Author/Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers

Genre: childrens picture books

Artists medium: collage, paint, ink, everything!

Age Appropriateness: kids get it at about 4…… I know lots of adults who like this one too. Very readable aloud.

Introduction: a few years ago Cathy  gave one of the girls the fabulous book….. “The incredible Book Eating Boy”

Other work: How to catch a star, Up and Down, The great paper caper, The heart and the bottle, The way back home, Once there was a boy.



‘Exquisitely trained art critics and recently potty-trained children equally love Oliver Jeffers’s work. The Brooklyn-based artist, originally from Belfast, Ireland, leaves viewers of all ages and backgrounds in awe with his whimsical paintings, installations, illustrations and picture books. He is best known for the latter, which led The Times naming Oliver as one of “The Best New Picture Book Illustrators” in 2008. Following that praise, his book Lost and Found was made into a short film that went on to win 60 international awards, including a BAFTA for Best Animation in 2009. Oliver remains humble and charming despite his substantial success…’


Taken from 10 answers

Video InterviewsAuthor video fun guy…interesting to see the process.

                                  Kids talking about what they like about Oliver Jeffers books.

Other things they do: You can see more of his artiness at the design label You and Me  The Royal We


The Before and After Painting No 1 by Oliver Jeffers.

Still Life with Logic and a Choice of Beverage by Oliver Jeffers.

Landscape with metal and Trajectory by Oliver Jeffers.

2 Responses to “Where words and pictures meet: Oliver Jeffers”

  1. I love Oliver Jeffers. We have How to Catch a Star and the boys chose to read it constantly. I never tire of re-reading picture books with awesome illustrations. I have, I believe, become a bit of a book snob in this respect. I will look out for the book eating boy. Looks good!

    • allysonadeney said

      Lucy, I have been looking out for How to catch a star at the library…. but might have to go and have a sneaky read at the bookshop. Looks too cute!

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