Cosmic Crunchies

August 11, 2011

5 year old was very pleased with her Cosmic Crunchies.

Yesterday 5 year old and I saw Alex making Cosmic Crucnchies while watching playschool together.

Now I remembered vaguely from my homeschooling days that playschool’s website had lesson plans, recipes and lots of off line activities that go alongside their weekly themes….. so I had a look.

The site has changed a fair bit in the last 4 years with this whole newlook playschool thingy going on. I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of great online games…for varying abilities of preschooler, a theme schedule for the shows…. great if you want to know when they are doing something your child is particularly interested in.

…. recipes for lots of things….

but no Cosmic Crunchies……disappointed!

Bolognaise Pasta Bake

So I looked elsewhere and we adapted a cinnamon rock cakes recipe from cooking for kicks.

Instead of mixed dried fruit….we used frozen berries and some nuts.

Very nice.

While we were at it we cooked dinner , also from Cooking for Kicks. Bolognese Pasta Bake.

It may become my favourite ‘prepare in advance dinner for Wednesday’ when the kids get back tired from their afternoon activities…..before rushing out for opening night of the Design Exhibition at 12 year olds school ……yep….. it’s that time of year.

Maybe I will rename August the ‘Cosmic Crunchies!’

7 Responses to “Cosmic Crunchies”

  1. Elsie and I saw them being made yesterday too – and she really wanted to make them, but I’m afraid I didn’t manage it (life with a newborn!!). We’ll have to try something similar another time when I’m more on top of things!

    • allysonadeney said

      I think it’s the first thing I have ever cooked from playschool! So you have 5 years up your sleeve I would say.

  2. Pippa said

    The wonderful people from the ABC sent me this reply when I asked about a recipe:
    We post series theme notes each week on the Play School website. These notes include information about who and what appears on the show – presenters, told stories, books, music etc – and recipes and craft “make and do” activities.

    The recipe for Cosmic Crunchies appears in the theme notes for Series 263 “Up”:

    Enjoy making them – Pippa

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks Pippa,
      It’s not where you expect to find it.
      Everyone, you need to download the pdf highlighted and scroll down a few pages, but it is there.

  3. Fran said

    That is absolutely brilliant!!! My 3 yr old son ALWAYS asks to make the recipes on playschool, Cosmic Crunchies being no exception! I cook quite a bit and generally have a similar recipe I can adapt, or just “guess” amounts from what I see on the TV screen – doesn’t always work!! (I had almost guessed the amounts for the Cosmic Crunchies 🙂
    I’ve tried to find recipes on the Playschool website before, but never looked in weekly themes… So pleased for your comment Pippa – I’ll never have to guess again!

  4. Alison said

    Thank you! We’re going to make them now and wouldn’t have been able to do it without your link 🙂

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