Is your house big enough for ya?

August 9, 2011

According to BBC NEWS Aussie house sizes really pack a floor space punch……

I know it’s a little curious….. I just found it interesting and thought you might too.

Ours is much more Spanish or French. How about yours?

6 Responses to “Is your house big enough for ya?”

  1. Ours too! I guess that’s what you get for living in the inner city! However, I feel this is plenty big enough for me when it comes to keeping it clean and tidy!

  2. Sarah Kelly said

    Whenever I get that hint of discontent about not having ‘enough space’ I always am thankful that I don’t live in The Netherlands… Tiny houses, and freezing cold… Lovely to have so much space – but certainly a bit of an addiction for Aussies to have lots of land of their own…

    • allysonadeney said

      Yeah, I thought it was a helpful visual aid for contentment. ….and yeah …the Netherlands (and their Nordic mates) cold and squishy!
      It does help in making them some of the world leaders (with Japan) in small space and environmentally friendly living though. Necessity being the mother of all invention….and all that.

  3. Deb said

    French! (roughly… more like 120 I think).

    Would be interesting to see Dutch and scandinavian figures included. My sis-in-law is from Finland and one of her sisters there lives in an apptmnt of I think around 60m2 (???) with husband and 3 kids! Something outrageously small anyway.

    I did a rare thing on Friday: vacuum-dusted all of our exposed skirtings and mantle-pieces, window-sills, some of the doors, the piano and even the top of my jewellery-box (all after vacuuming the carpets) – so, pretty much every exposed hard-ish surface in the house. Very satistying, and definitely made me grateful to not live in a bigger house!!

    Like the ‘room of requirement’ by the way. We sort of have one, that I’m in now, in our middle-sized bedroom: computer/home office (rather large desk – cos I do admin for church and treasurer for playgroup), filing cabinet, sewing stuff, ironing, piano, and big blanket box. I reckon with some floor-to-ceiling storage and rearranging we could get rid of the latter and maybe one day make space for a spare bed!

    P.s. Good to meet/chat with your Tim at 121degrees conf… one step closer to *actually* meeting you 🙂

    • allysonadeney said

      Hey Deb,
      Tim mentioned that it was lovely to chat with you at 121. Small world.
      …. and well done on the cleaning thing.
      Sometimes I look at large houses and all I can see is the cleaning time. So I am totally with you on the ‘grateful to not live in a bigger house’ idea.

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