Room of Requirement: Part 2

July 30, 2011

Ta da......

But now….. the room is know as the ‘room of requirement’.

Those of you familiar with the Harry Potter books will understand the reference. After having it up and functioning for a couple of months now…. I firmly believe every house needs one.

The room of requirement appears when you have greatest need for it. (the room is in a slightly hidden location in the house)

The room becomes what you need it to be….. more on this later.

It cannot conjure food (no food allowed in here)

For a time it was known as the ‘spare oom’ (of “The Lion, The witch and The Wardrobe fame)….. but there is nothing spare about this one!

So far it has been used as studio, extra homework space, computer room, guest bedroom for between 1 and 3 guests, a games room, a quiet reading room, a nap during the day room, a sick room (infirmary), a sewing room, a dressing room and a washing rack room. We have loved it! Who knew that a space approx 3m x 3.5 m could change the way our whole house operates.

Yes the room has two doors! This shot is looking back from the room to the door leading back the rest of the house.

The other grey door (near the sewing machine) is a funny cupboard containing a hot water system and other storage. As part of the comment stream on this post I stupidly said I would let you know if i found anything dead…… well I did in this cupboard. A petrified mouse ( and I don’t think their was anything magic about it…. let the reader know…. ) just plain old got stuck behind things and …..well…. didn’t make it!

Enough of that….just look at the pretty pictures and forget I said anything!

My lovely machine and cubed storage.....

I’m loving the cubes (another Ikea gem…… given to us by a friendly neighbour). The red bags and boxes have all been found at the op shop over the past year or so. As I see more of them I will replace the cardboard boxes, but I am being patient. So much stuff is thrown away that is perfectly good. No need to buy new here.

The cubes work brilliantly for organising the multiple projects that are going on. You will notice the contents of them changes across the days the photos were taken, as I finish one project and other projects come in to replace them. Nothing like a matrix to order a disordered mind! It also gives my brain a sense of progression which I need (sometimes being a mother can feel like ‘Groundhog Day’).

....inside the 'funny cupboard' Yes that's a hot water system...and a squeezed in bookshelf.... along with a travel cot for visiting guests.

...the beginning of some little owl collections.....

Price-wise it cost a bit more than the last room.

The big, big purchase of this room was the bed. I have been thinking about this bed on and off ever since I first saw it. It’s such an amazing design! Not just great to look at, but 3 huge underbed draws…… not only that…. it coverts to a full size queen bed! Perfect for this room. We looked for about a month trying to get one on ebay and gumtree, but they all went for so close to the new purchase price (and we were unsure if we could get it into the room finished) that we decided to buy this one new. It’s Ikea and they come in at around $800 when you buy it with foam matresses. Pretty great we thought. Of course it came needed to be assembled……so it was the first thing I made in the room!

The amazing bed!

.... how it converts into the queen bed...

Massive (about twice as deep as you can see) draws to store my ties.

We also bought the small desk (again ikea) for around $40.

Paint and wall fixing came to approx $120

Everything else in the room we already had….. scattered throughout the house.

So all together about $960.

.... laying on the bed looking back toward the window... (yes that's my lime green shoe in the foreground). This photo was taken on a different day. See my little owls and foxes on the curtain?

Ideally I would have put the bed on the purple wall so I could see more of it….. but it just won’t fit . This is the only configuration the funny little room will do with all it’s doors and wall jutting and giant power point.
I really enjoy being in here and really love it that we essentially have a guest room! Who would have thought that could be possible in a 3 bedroom flat (with 6 people living there already).

5 Responses to “Room of Requirement: Part 2”

  1. And it is a wonderous room indeed! As one person who has shared it with two others, it has been a lovely space to rest in. As you know, very inspired by the bed too (the purchase of which was a successful way to induce labour!). Glad you finally shared this achievement with the world Ally!


  2. Laura said

    What a great job.

  3. Susan said

    An awesome transformation. It’s definitely a room to want to be in….I am inspired ; )

  4. Cath said

    I adore it! What a great idea! And the total cost is very impressive indeed. It is so good to know there is somewhere to store guests, without having to assemble beds each time.

    Hooray for Ally!

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