Room of Requirement: Part 1

July 29, 2011

Here is a before photo of my studio….most days…. and my workdesk. Soooo messy and disordered.

The corner of the bedroom studio..... not really where you would expect beautiful product to come from.

the 'harrysdesk' where other work happened.....

I don’t have a before photo to show you of the ‘big girls room’ mostly because it was such a jolly awful, messy, super squishy room in it’s previous life.

To give you an idea though…. it had 2 loft beds in the only spaces they could be put…. under the loft beds were 12 and 11 year olds desk, clothes and stuff! It was always a mess (maybe I have said that already) and I hated going in there to do anything for fear of a broken ankle from a stray shoe,  lego foot (injury caused by treading on stray lego in bare feet)….or a panic attack due to the claustrophobic space generally (the lofts were separated by about 80cm). On top of that the loft beds blocked almost all the light to there desks underneath making it a nasty place to attempt homework….or for an adult to help them with homework. I hated when the kids had friends over because they couldn’t play or hang out in there enjoyably which would mean they bought stuff out into the shared areas of the house leaving nowhere for anyone else to be.

In short it didn’t work well!…I guess I could have just said that.

So out with the beds…. and stuff (big girly cull of things)….. again out with the yucky carpet…and a freshen up before changing it’s purpose.

More wall holes that needed fixing....very dirty walls.

Back toward the window and entry door....

You can just make out the floor. Only oiled where the central carpet doesn't cover. A popular practise during the depression.

.....very dark undercoat needed for a dark wall.....

.... a very dodgy power point in need of some care!

mmmm..... purple! Yep that's the entry door frame on the left and right of the photo (I am out of the room)

Room painted..... now all I need to do is furnish it.

I’ll show you that tomorrow…..


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