PART 2: Pantry OPT tips for de-cluttering

July 18, 2011

Wow…. how long has it taken me to get to the plastics cupboard?!

Here goes…..

Before.... throw in and shut the door quickly.


I started clearing my kitchen back in April with the pantry cupboard. This cupboard took more emotional time ….for some reason….. probably to do with my unexplainable love of plastic containers…. but in actual time of doing it, not that long at all.

I got rid of some containers that had dodgy lids and my ice block makers…..because …really …. I never make them! Also I threw away lots of lids. Hope I don’t regret that one.

Next cupboard…… under the sink! eeek.

Top shelf..... lids very accessible. Rearly used lunch bags behind.

Lower shelf.

2 Responses to “PART 2: Pantry OPT tips for de-cluttering”

  1. Steph said

    I am impressed!!

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks Steph. What will be truly impressive is my ‘under sink’ cupboard. ….. if I ever get to it!

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