Commission for Jenny: Bible cover

July 12, 2011

Front cover with journal pocket..... look closely from the green button to the top.

My latest commission was a really lovely one for me to be part of.

Jenny’s daughter made her profession of faith* last weekend and this is her gift.

It’s a bible cover!

I know some of you who are right now scratching your head in confusion….. and saying “Why cover your bible and give it handles?” Well the reason is when bibles are taken to and from church week after week they don’t last long…so some Christians cover them and make them easy to carry so that they last longer…. and look cooler.

Zipper enclosing pages

...other side

I’m so happy with the way this one has turned out….especially as I haven’t made one before.

It completely made from her late grandfather’s ties, which her wore mostly on Sundays as he preached to his congregation. So it is so special.

Jenny said:

So special! I think there may have been a few quiet tears shed. She has been discovering all the little special parts – pockets and hand-stitching  and thinking of all the things she can use the different pockets for.

inside back....with hidden slip pocket....

Front inner flap....with hidden pocket.

...the other side....or back.

* profession of faith: a public commitment to be a follower of Jesus always.

2 Responses to “Commission for Jenny: Bible cover”

  1. Meredith said

    That is beautiful – the story, the idea and outcome. All gorgeous. It made me smile.

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