The kids Masterchef Challenge

July 6, 2011

The main event!

Well it’s school holidays, so a great time for hanging out and spending long periods of time doing things we don’t get to during term. In this case it’s cooking, having dinner with friends and doing things with friends.

One of our very special family friends recently auditioned for the kids version of Masterchief…. unfortunately for him her didn’t get to the show, but the experience has inspired him (and our girls in his wake) to cook up a storm….. and that’s fine by me!

Triple Choc Brownie Sundae.

Last Saturday night we were treated to a wonderful evening of cuisine planned, shopped and prepared for by three very capable 11-12 year olds. For 11 people ….who included a celiac (so no gluten). The two 8-9 year olds decorated menus and tables and arranged the seating. The two 4-5 year olds tried to stay out of the way!….and did a pretty good job of that. The parents came in and out to help a little but they did most of it by themselves….. and had a ball!

The pizza rounds


Staring with the inspiration of what we usually eat when together… pizza, thai or BBQ… they decided on a menu that took us around the globe.

Starters: Corn Chips and Salsa (South America) Cheese and Crackers with Hummus (Middle Eastish)

Entree’: Meaty Pizza slices (Italy)

Main: Spicy Chicken Sticks (North Africa) with Thai vege skewers (Thailand) and a Greek Salad (Greece)

Desert: Triple Choc Brownie Sundae (USA)

Drink: Chilled Sparking Pomegranate Juice with Lime (Middle East)

the backyard settling....perfect for dinner .....especially after the state the dining table was in!

Looking forward to the next instalment…..




3 Responses to “The kids Masterchef Challenge”

  1. Susan said

    Great idea, Ally!

    Love their ‘plating-up’ style.

  2. Wow-wee they plated up better than I ever could! What a fabulous dinner party, when you don’t have to do a thing…. or did they leave the mess for mum to clean up? xx

    • allysonadeney said

      Hi Stav…. no they cleaned up but we helped. Nothing like a dishwasher though to bare the brunt of a dinner party!

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