New product: Paisley hairties

June 28, 2011

...see my little guy doing the excited dance...?

I’ve recently come across an addictive new product.

Hairties made from covering buttons with vintage reclaimed paisley ties.

With 5 members of our family with long hair, we have lots of experience in hair bands/elastics/clips. These are designed to be worn not just by the little girls but bigger ones as well ….. no more sparkly pink plastic bits for us.

These button elastics are about the size of a 10c piece…. and I think look fantastic, and unique.

And only $6 for the pair.

Postage is free if you buy 3 or more pairs. Just comment or email me to let me know which ones you would like.

They are limited runs of only  2-3 sets of each colourway, and I will post the remaining ones on etsy for sale in a week or so.

The first range uses paisley fabrics from ties….. stand by for a spot range and other exciting instalments for the hair.

I do need some ideas on how to photograph them. They are tricky little things.




Black...with a little sparkle

Complete range. Click to enlarge.



4 Responses to “New product: Paisley hairties”

  1. Sarah Kelly said

    I’ll buy 3 pairs! Red, navy and sparkly…
    Love Sarah K

  2. Laura said

    I love these Ally, can we buy 3 pairs?? Red, navy and sparkly too. Re: photographing them I had a look on the web and it seems the best shots were ones up close with the button clear and a faded background. I am sure there is a technical name for this but only know that we can do it with our camera. A close up head shot on one of your girls would be lovely too, perfect colour.

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