The Penhall is now available.

June 21, 2011

The first Penhall for sale on etsy..... $140


Even closer. Rosette brooch detail.

The back.... or front (you can choose)

The base.....a pleated oval.

....a peek velvet.

But wait...there's more.... it's totally reversible!

Even switch the rosette to the navy side.

....and of's a harrysdesk.

Lots of you will have an extra 10% discount on this price…and some even 20%….. due to the special anniversary bag give-away.

Thanks again to those who entered.

If you would like to sling this on your shoulder (or someone that you know) let me know and I will give you your special code word, so you can access your discount.

For a more detailed description and measurements ….. go here.

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