Did you win the anniversary bag?

June 1, 2011

Is your name Heidi?

Heidi is the winner of the anniversary bag!

The random generator must know something…. Heidi was the first person ever to buy a harrysdesk bag. So I guess it’s kind of fitting that she win the 2 year anniversary bag. She already has a bag named after her…so not sure what we will do about that one.

She wanted a green bag to go with her winter coat, so I had better get busy.

Thanks everyone who entered.

I love giving things away that I make… so I decided to award 3 more people (chosen randomly) to send a little something to. An owl brooch will arrive in the post for you soon.

They are Lauren, Sonyabossypants, and Claire.

And three more little treats, because it’s my 500th post.

SO congratulations… (randomly generated again from the last 5oo comments)

Ingrid, Cathy and Kate Marquez will all receive my latest creation. The fox brooch!

If anyone else would like a little fox for their cardi or coat….just contact me. It will take a little bit of time to get them listed in the etsy shop…. but there is really no need to wait.


3 Responses to “Did you win the anniversary bag?”

  1. Hip Hoooray for 500 posts, and generosity and that I get a cute little fox! Thanks Ally! It feels truly festive…can’t wait for my new little friend to arrive in the post. xxc

  2. Very cool idea; fox brooch! Love it! Congrats on you feature on we upcycle. Your tie bag is amazing

  3. […] I name new bags by the surname of the first person to own that style. Because …. as I mentioned earlier, Heidi already has a bag named after her….the “Broadbent’ (her married name) so […]

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