Commission for Sue….again.

May 25, 2011

Inside... lots of card slots.

About a month ago I made my first of these wallets for Sue. 

It was for a gift.

She then straight away wanted another…. this time for herself.

If you look very closely, you will see in the stitching I have included little ‘kisses’. Sometimes single kisses…and sometimes a bunch together. I also mixed up the colours in the handstitching….to add a bit of excitement.

Outside zippered pocket. Notice the 'kiss' on the harrysdesk label.

Covered elastic closure.

Still trying to come up with a better way to photograph these…. not that happy with the pictures.

3 Responses to “Commission for Sue….again.”

  1. Hannah said

    These look awesome!

  2. Susan said

    Great colours and design -perhaps photograph with someone holding the purse??? Love what you make.

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