Cluttered thoughts: Emotional Baggage.

May 24, 2011

About six weeks back when I started the whole de-cluttering project  my friend Tom left some very helpful tips. One of them was this….

Tom: – Emotional baggage is impossible to get rid of. Especially if it is someone else’s emotions

Others have mentioned to me, in comments and conversation the difficulty involved in having less.

There has also been lots of discussion around our house on the topic of emotional attachment.

Tim then found this great article (they have many) from Zen Habits… one of his favourite blogs.

One Response to “Cluttered thoughts: Emotional Baggage.”

  1. Caroline E said

    I’ve gone and had a look at Zen habits too. My fav quote is this “Clutter is a manifestation of holding onto the past and fear of what might happen in the future.” I suffer both manifestations… very good to have this enlightening thought as I review our clutter.

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