Anniversary bag: A give away

May 16, 2011

For colour inspiration.

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It’s not too late to enter the anniversary bag give-away.

Really all you need to know is…… tell me what colour your would like it in…. and let your imagination run wild.

I will make three in the most asked for colour, give one away  and put the other two in my etsy shop….. with the possibility of massive discounts, up to 100% Leave your comments here… or on the original post.


5 Responses to “Anniversary bag: A give away”

  1. Liz Gordon said

    Black, white, grey/silver and green. I don’t expect that to be the most asked for colour combo.

  2. Lucy Winters said

    Reds and Greens…Darker reds, not fire engine and hints or highlights of greens…as in grass! (These are my favourite colours!

  3. Laura said

    I still love my red bag, it’s getting on the worn side now and would love another. People comment on how interesting and attractive it is every time I take it out.

  4. Elizabeth McQueen said

    Am I too late?? If not I’m totally into grey at the moment. And not because I’m boring! But because it goes with so many other colours. My favourite colour is green, but I think grey needs a brighter colour with it … yellow? orange? pink? Ahhh! I trust your colour instincts WAY more than I trust mine!

  5. Heidi Broadbent said

    My favorite colour is pink, however I have started wearing more red lately, but black does make me look thinner, but on dreary winter days a splash of yellow is quite cheery, but my winter coat is green, and I quite fancy purple. Hmmm. My BBF loves red so red is my final choice. I think. Hx

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