May 15, 2011

Yes our 7 year old turned 8 yesterday…… but we were too busy visiting friends and celebrating that I haven’t been able to post it until now.

On Tuesday we took her out of school for a day in the city shopping and hanging out with me.


Hot chocolate in the QVB.

What do you think of all her charm bracelets?

They are not all for her.

We spent the majority of the day finding 3 matching charm bracelets, suitable charms and putting them together for 2 very special friends of hers, and herself. One of the precious things about this girl is …. even though she could  shop like the world is ending if given a limitless budget…. more often than not the purchases were for someone else. Sure she go lots of treats, but she also came home with presents for all 3 sisters, 2 friends and an adult friend….she even encouraged me to buy somethings for myself.

I hope her love for learning leads to a large enough income to keep her and her friends in the manner they are becoming accustomed!

After the traditional ‘open the presents on the parent’s bed’ we headed off to Maitland to visit dear friends, have our eyes tested and play.

Not your traditional birthday photo. Eyes all good.

Happy Birthday 8 year old.

Thank you God for this wonderful little/big girl.

We are so blessed to have her in our family.


7 Responses to “Eight!”

  1. Lovely to see the little big eight year old on her birthday!!!

    You have a spunky optometrist, by the way.

    The kids were waiting for you to all come back again today. Audrey consoled herself by trying on almost all the clothes you left for her. Love ya’s. xxxxxxc

    • allysonadeney said

      Fun to have a birthday with you guys! We very much enjoyed being in your new space. Looking forward to seeing how it evolves over the years.
      Tell the kids we will be back very soon…. and yes the optometrist isn’t harsh on the eyes.

  2. Taire said

    It was lovely to meet your girls properly, they are so…lovely!
    Hope we get to spend some more time with you guys over the years:)

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks Taire, will pass on your compliments. We also look forward to getting to know your family better over the coming yearss.
      It was lovely that we got to have a more extended chat this time.

  3. Caroline E said

    She’s 8! I remember when she was 2 and learning to talk. “I woke up” was a phrase I recall you telling me she had said to you in the morning. 🙂
    Happy Birthday big girl!

    • allysonadeney said

      Yes I remember ‘I woke up’ She was always very precise and liked to state the obvious. Not much has changed really!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes. I will pass them on.

  4. […] just realised that you all have seen this outfit before on a different birthday girl. Yes the girls do borrow each others […]

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