May 13, 2011

….as a bit of a follow on from yesterdays post about getting rid of our car

One of the things we love most about where we live is the ability to walk lots of places. We walk to schools, could walk to Joshua Tree get togethers, eating out places, most before after school activities, friends houses and parks. It is also very close to fairly good public transport.

Lots of us have the desire to walk more for lots of reasons. Environmental, health, money saving or just to connect better with ourselves and our community.

It is, however hard to know if your address is going to work as a walkable one until you have lived there for a while. That was until now.

Walk Score. is a website that is able to generate a percentage ‘walkability’ rating for any address.

Our current address scores an 80%, which they consider ‘very walkable’

Previous addresses 95-97% ‘walkers paradise’… where I grew up 58% ‘somewhat walkable’

It’s not perfect, but it is fascinating.

Try it.… and tell me how you go.


8 Responses to “Walkability….”

  1. bonita genaris said

    wow, we only got 53%, but we walk EVERYWHERE. maybe it’s a bit about attitude as well……

  2. Laura said

    What a great site. A bit depressing though with my current circumstances, our place rates 68% somewhat walkable. I was surprised though, where we are moving to next year I thought would be higher but is only 69%.

    • allysonadeney said

      One of the downsides of the site is that you can’t weight where you want to walk to. I think this would make a difference to the percentage.
      For example walking to/from school happens 10 times a week, and using the park twice a week, and eating out once a month….
      I think it would be interesting if you could put these factors in.

  3. Ali said

    I got 100% – though what the nearest supermarket supposedly is next to the hospital I have no idea. It is pretty walkable from here, though there are certain routes conspicuously lacking in public transport.

    • allysonadeney said

      Yep Ali I think it is a 7 eleven at the hospital.
      Don’t you do all your groceries there?
      It would be an even better site if it was better at labelling these sort of things.
      Where I grew up got a fairly low rating, claiming there was no park, but there is one about a block away.
      Not perfect, but you do have a sweet location!

  4. Nicole said

    I got 75%. We love our place because we can walk most place – and Dave can walk/ride his bike to work.

  5. bythewayofkensalgreen said

    98% for living in the middle of the city.

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