Your Car… OPT (Other Peoples Tips) for de-cluttering

May 12, 2011

If you have a car you only use occasionally, consider becoming a member of an auto cooperative or ZipCar. You will save money, space in the garage and time: no more oil changes, maintenance appointments or car washes on your to-do list.

Rachel Jonat of the Minimalist Mom Written for babble

What our car should look like...... but sadly does not!

Ok. This is a funny tip to put under the ‘de-cluttering’ banner but it does fit if we think of de-cluttering our life as a whole.

The whole ‘What do we do about the car?’ issue has been a constant topic of discussion since January when our timing belt went , and have continued as we had to get the starter motor fixed (insert blah blah blah if you are the I have never lifted up the bonnet to see what is under there crowd).

To put it bluntly, our car is not going to actually get better…. and even if it did, it still looks really BAD!

I know it shouldn’t matter, but it really does.

It has multiple dints, scratches and the side mirror is held on with gaffa tape and super-glue.

If that isn’t bad enough, because it is a ‘people mover’ it chews through the juice.

It won’t pass rego come November.

Sooooooo what do we do about the car?

Over the last couple of months we have been taking a mental note of how many times all 6 of us are in the car.

Turns out not that often.

It used to be when we went on trips outside of Sydney…. but we have stopped doing that because, well, read above.

The other times almost always could be avoided or done another way.

So here is the plan.

What we will be trying out over the next couple of months.

Drive the HOJ* until just before the rego is due and then probably buy a second hand sedan. Sedan’s being cheaper to buy and run.

Some of you are aware that I don’t have a licence. A sedan would make getting one easier. I am pretty daunted by large cars and little streets.

For those longer trips outside Sydney, and when we have to get all 6 of us somewhere off the public transport network, we will rent a Goget car ( they have some 8 seaters accessible to us).

So that we are not jumping in at the deep end we have decided to sign up with Goget now and see if it works as well in practise as it does in theory.

The bonus’ of all this will be kindness to our wallets, the planet and my husband (because I will have a licence and we can share the ferrying).

* heap of junk

3 Responses to “Your Car… OPT (Other Peoples Tips) for de-cluttering”

  1. Beth Braga said

    We have joined go get and it works really well as a second car option. You can book up to a year ahead!

  2. allysonadeney said

    If anyone is thinking about giving this a go… here is a link for a special deal with some other guys. Thanks Nic for the heads-up.
    Greencarshare …. but get in quick.

  3. […] ….as a bit of a follow on from yesterdays post about getting rid of our car… […]

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