PART 1: Pantry Items…OPT (other peoples tips) for decluttering.

April 18, 2011

‘Discard anything expired and donate anything you won’t use in the next three months to your local food bank. Having all of your cereal, pasta and canned goods visible will help you know and use what you have.’

Rachel Jonat of the Minimalist Mom Written for babble

This is an easy one for me to do because I don’t have a pantry.

We live so close to a long hours supermarket, coffee, bread, fruit everything…. we don’t need a pantry. That said, I do have a fridge, kitchen cupboards, plastics cupboard etc that I have started to give then treatment.

On the clutter front, this is not a deadly area for me, but still I can reduce the bulk and stuff.

I thought I would focus on one cupboard at a time.

Before the cull

Some of the highlights were….

  • 20 spice/herb related products out of date (CHUCK)
  • 4 large tins of beetroot…. and I don’t use beetroot that regularly (Make salad  before the end of the week. Donate the other 2 to Exodus Foundation.)
  • 4 pre-packs of taco sauce and 3 packs of taco seasoning….mmmmm (enjoyed some of them with friends on Wednesday night. Tacos next week too!)
  • 5 packets of jelly (We are in the middle of making rainbow jelly to share with Joshua Tree Community on Sunday night)
  • 2 large tins of pears in juice (have with icecream for desert this week)
  • 3 bottles of artichoke hearts (one out of date)
  • a Christmas pudding. Oops. Lucky the use by is after next Christmas so I will get another go.
  • 3 packets of blueberries in juice (made into muffins by 11 and 12 year olds and a friend on Monday)
  • 2 packs of puree apples. (made into muffins by 7 year old and friend on Wednesday)

After the cull. The items on the bottom fight should be used up by the end of the week.

Next came the ‘sauce and condiments cupboard’. Didn’t take too long.



Lunch/breakfast cupboard. Another quick one.



And the cooking cupboard.

Before.... squish everything in and shut the door quickly.

After. Beautiful! Cupboard door can go back to a safer speed.

The highlight of this cupboard, for the sweet tooth’s in the family at least, was finding 3 packets of choc bits which are all close to their use-by dates. Looks like we will be having some choc chip somethings in the coming week.

Ok, so that is all my ‘up’ cupboards done. Down cupboards to come….


3 Responses to “PART 1: Pantry Items…OPT (other peoples tips) for decluttering.”

  1. Taire said

    You would not believe how much i enjoy watching this project!

  2. allysonadeney said

    Me too!

  3. […] started clearing my kitchen back in April with the pantry cupboard. This cupboard took more emotional time ….for some reason….. probably to do with my […]

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