Very Vintage…(7 year old)

April 16, 2011

... having her do done....

Today 7 year old and myself had some very vintage girlie time at the Vintage Textile Show at Canterbury Race Course.

Thanks Caroline for letting us know about it.

We had a lovely time looking at dresses, fabrics and jewellery from across the past century.

The highlights of the day for her were buying some new knitting needles. 3 pairs!

…and having her hair done, 1930’s style.

I just had a lovely time hanging out with her… and the textiles weren’t bad either.

DO done.

One Response to “Very Vintage…(7 year old)”

  1. Caroline E said

    Sounds like you managed to leave your wallet at home! I’m impressed with such self-control. Glad you had a lovely day. C

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