The smallest room for the parents.

April 9, 2011

In tidier days.... the little girls bunk room.

A couple of weeks ago I let my facebook friends know we had furniture to give away or buy….. and the process began.

With the bunk gone off to be loved by a family with smaller children and a plan … mostly in my head …. I emptied the room in preparation for the transformation.

I have always hated the dirty drab grey carpet, so in a moment of rashness, I ripped it up.


Bye bye disgusting carpet with your stained underlay....

Our house also has a wall problem. The walls are basically a centimetre of powdery chalk backed by a chicken wire mesh.


Yes it is! … but quite common building practise or it’s era, I am told. Because it was built a long time ago, any bump causes the top layer to break away. Over the years we have covered these holes with paper, pictures or large sheets of board, or carefully hidden them behind furniture. I think I always though it would be super expensive to fix, but our friendly neighbour said he could do it…..and it was nowhere near the price I imagined.

What a great blessing to have a handyman next door.

As you can see…. fixed…. but still not particularly pleasing to the eye.

So (with mostly borrowed equipment)I painted. ….Thanks everyone who leant me things.

Love this neighbour...

Structural stuff done.


Ta da.... The new room by night....

I’m really pleased with

  • the dark grey floor and skirting boards
  • apart from the paint and sugar soap we only purchased
  1. (2 new lamps $20 each IKEA) because one broke day the day after we had finished the room. We would have only bought one … but our old ones are no longer kept … we have had them a while.
  2. New white curtains at $30 from IKEA.

Total cost of the room  makeover: about $230…including wall repair!

…and by day. Notice the new lamps and curtains?

Down the window wall...

The Turquoise wall....

Looking back towards the door and window.

A tiny artwork by a friend on the door gives a hint at what is beyond.


8 Responses to “The smallest room for the parents.”

  1. Amanda Spedding said

    Talk about motivation and an awesome result! Looks great, Ally! You’ve outdone yourself. 🙂

  2. Caroline E said

    yes, wow! It looks lovely. No probs keeping it tidy… there’s nothing in there! Brave transformation, well done.

  3. Sarah Kelly said

    Incredible transformation. Wow. Well done Ally. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  4. Kirsty Sauer said

    Oh Wow! Looks Great. Can’t wait to see it. Also love the teddy bears. Nice touch!

  5. Steph said

    How wonderful is it to sleep in a room you created? Wonderful colours… Love your chairs, wall art and curtains… Xo Steph

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks girls for your lovely encouraging comments.
      Caroline… we have been in there about a week and are enjoying the nothing-ness.
      Sarah… the studio/guest room is almost complete. There will be room for you all to come and stay and see it in person!
      Kirsty… the teddies are significant. One from childhood, one a wedding anniversary present and one given to us when our biggest was born.
      Steph… The chairs we also love but aren’t comfortable to sit on, making them great bedside tables … for chairs.
      Thanks again… I feel encouraged to continue.

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  7. […] framing these works that were quickly becoming damaged without the protecting framing provides. You may remember we had them in our bedroom in the last house. One of the great things about abstract art is you can hang it anyway you choose! They now are […]

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