…and so the voting begins….

April 4, 2011

So which Prodigal Sock Story did you like best……

Image from Outstanding Wines..... check the label.

Read them by clicking the below links.

Story 1

Story 2

Please vote in the comments below.

I have a little prize for the winner and one to be drawn randomly from the voters. So off you go!

Voting ends Midnight Friday 8th April.


5 Responses to “…and so the voting begins….”

  1. Caroline E said

    Bluey left has my vote, but well done to both who had the time, idea and completed the project!

    • Belinda S said

      I got the gist of the first story and thought it was cleaver.

      But bluey left ( story 2 ) gets my vote. Im still mulling over what may be the deeper meaning of the story, but I found it very captivating.

  2. Lucy Winters said

    Hmmm, tricky choice. I originally like Story one best, but after re-reading I prefer the 2nd.

  3. Ali said

    Yes, think I am going to go with Story 2!

  4. Therese said

    Story 2

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