The Prodigal Sock Story Competition: Story 1

April 1, 2011


I am a sock and I do not smell.

I was born in the north of England
A twin
Classic school boy black.

Then shipped shelved and SOLD to a woman in red from Wardrobe.

She took us to her department.
Unpacked us, but did not wear us.
Instead she folded and unfolded.
On her desk
And in a book

Then one day she came in and said ‘Today’
She looked at us and said ‘I only need one’
And picked HIM up.

I was left there alone, waiting.
I didn’t make a scene, but HE did.

Again and again…

HE was placed in a diary.
The diary was handed from a boy to man
And then from a master to his servant.
The diary was opened and HE was noticed.

One that day he was not just a sock

Later the woman wanted a souvenir-
to sit in glass on a wall.

She looked at us and said ‘Now which one did I use?’
and picked ME


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