The prodigal sock… a challenge!

March 14, 2011

Following on from yesterdays post on socks*…..

For years now I have thought that the odd sock would be a great starting point for a children’s book.

The problem is…. I am not a writer, or an illustrator.

But I have this idea….. and I am looking for some talented harrysdesk friends to write it and illustrate it.

The reward for your writing and illustrating brilliance, at this point, is purely intrinsic. So the reward, or prize, can be as big or small as your imagination can muster.


Image from 'Sock Monkey Fun.' Click on the picture for fabulous sock monkey's to inspire.... and have...

Here are the guidelines.

  • The book title is THE PRODIGAL SOCK.
  • The story should be loosely based around Luke 15: 11-32
  • It can be Christian, but doesn’t have to be.
  • It is a book for children, that parents will enjoy reading.
  • Must be sent to my email before March 31st.
  • Competition open to anyone willing and able to come up with the goods.

The winners will be voted by my  readers after I choose 3 finalists.

Sooo … get writing and/or  illustrating!

I will share the entries with you as they come…. and yes I am holding my breath, so get writing.

*yep, all the excitement is right here. No need to look elsewhere!

3 Responses to “The prodigal sock… a challenge!”

  1. Steve McAlpine said

    Hi Allyson
    I’m in! Though the deadline is way too close for comfort. Gonna sock it to ya!

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