The odd sock….

March 13, 2011

Image from Delia Creates.... A cute upcycling project.

A week or so ago, I was browsing Ohdeedoh and spotted this.

Very cute idea…. but, I had to laugh out loud!

My odd socks look like this…..

Our odd sock collection!. Not really something I want to frame.

… even after a matching session, they wouldn’t fit the cute little white frame….


5 Responses to “The odd sock….”

  1. Stephanie said

    You crack me up so much!! I feel so normal… You can’t throw then out incase you actually find the missing pair!!

    xo Steph

  2. Jenny K said

    We have a tub and it doesn’t matter how many I match… it never empties! Even when I throw out old ones (like the baby socks for the youngest who turns 7 this week!) I would need a MUCH bigger frame too!

    • allysonadeney said

      Yes Steph, it feels so irresponsible to throw them away… so I save.
      Jenny, well done on the baby socks. I still have some baby socks in there, I’m sure. And the frame… well yes… maybe a house frame!

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  4. Cath said

    My odd socks look just like yours – maybe if we put them together, we’d find a few matches. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Those things can walk.

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