World Read Aloud Day….. including a Quirky bonus!

March 8, 2011

One of the products included in the special

March 9 is World Read Aloud Day.

To celebrate reading aloud and all other things book related, I have a special bonus for harrysdesk-ites from Quirky Kids Online.

“Tomorrow we are taking 20% off our books section, which for the next week will also include some puppets and other things. (including dress-ups…. yay!)

I suggested people come across and like our Facebook page, mention harrysdesk sent them and I would send them an exclusive harrysdesk coupon.

It might include store credit, offer extension (20% off books only runs for 48 hours on facebook) or FREE gift, FREE postage or even storewide discount. Really just depends how I feel on the day.

Thanks Quirky Kids online!

So go ‘like’ the Quirky’s Facebook page and say you came from harrysdesk…. then come back here and tell me in the comments your favourite books to read aloud….. then get reading. But do it quickly, as the offer only lasts for 48hours.

P.S Reading Aloud is not just for parents and children. Many adults enjoy reading aloud or being read aloud to too.


5 Responses to “World Read Aloud Day….. including a Quirky bonus!”

  1. Jenny K said

    The Narnia series, Little House on the Prairie series, more recently – The Kazillion Wish etc by Nick Place (laugh out loud funny – esp for boys in the 8-12yo range) and most recently the Percy Jackson books. We have read to pour children since they were very little babies (now they are 7, 10, 12 and 15) and my husband still reads to the boys most nights and I read to our youngest daughter almost every night. In some ways, I think the best thing is just to read aloud! Whatever you all enjoy. It’s the time together that is the real joy!

  2. Jenny K said

    *our children 🙂

  3. with our little ones, no one has surpasses Mem Fox’s lovely language…intended to be heard.

    Our 6 year old has been giggling away as we read the BFG by Roald Dahl last month.

    Charlotte’s Web is a favourite too.

    Thanks for pointing it out Ally, we’ll read aloud with more gusto tonight!


  4. Caroline E said

    We love Hairy Maclary (M’s favourite ‘wrow-w-w-w-w’) and Fantastic Mr Fox (J’s favourite) at the moment. I’m enjoying reading aloud more and more, keeping in mind tips Mem Fox has from her Reading Magic book. It’s a good way to calm everyone down (me too) on a tired afternoon. 🙂 Caroline.

  5. allysonadeney said

    Thanks girls for your suggestions.
    Yes all lovely ones!
    ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine is also a Dahl favourite here.
    I don’t think we do it enough at our house.
    Must reclaim it as a regular activity.

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