Commission Complete: A bag for Alison

March 7, 2011

Alison's black Wheaton.

This was a fun one to make, and a great way to start the new year.

Alison’s husband commissioned it to give as a wedding anniversary gift. Nice one!

The strap is adjustable and made from a belt.

It’s made from a mixture of vintage and modern ties, in black, navy and white.

Detailing with brass shank buttons and rings.

Cathy do you recognise these buttons?

Yes, they came from a bundle of buttons she salvaged from one of her local op shops.

They are gorgeous and almost look like studs.

Just right for this bag.


….and Lyndal might recognise this lining fabric…

Over the Christmas break I was given a suitcase full of fabric treasures from Lyndal.

The suitcase had a code lock, that I couldn’t break…. so after trying for a number of days…. I took to it with a hammer!

I am glad I did, because the treasures inside were worth it. Including this black, grey and bronze ticking.

… again, just perfect for the lining of this one….


2 Responses to “Commission Complete: A bag for Alison”

  1. Yes I do recognise the buttons…those ones I actually cut off an old jacket of mine, before I disposed of it. Lovely to see them reappropriated! definitely an upcycle. Love the bag!

  2. Susan said

    Beautiful work, Ally.
    Love all your extra detail.

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