Dani’s brooch. Which one will she choose?

March 1, 2011

The 'Bronte' with original tag brooch.

My friend Dani’s husband bought her this bag for her birthday recently.

She loved the bag but wasn’t convinced of the black and white tag brooch…. so I have made a few different ones for her to choose from, so her bag will be exactly right.

Which one do you think she will choose?

Tag brooch 1. The red buckle ribbon brooch.

Tag brooch 2. Grey and red button rosette brooch.

Tag brooch 3. Silver buckle tag brooch.

Tag brooch 4. The metallic button brooch.

Close ups.

…or maybe she wants  a rosette…. I will show you those soon.

Tag 1

Tag 2.

Tag 3.


Tag 4.


10 Responses to “Dani’s brooch. Which one will she choose?”

  1. Belinda said

    Tag 2!!!!

  2. Kat said

    I’m voting for #1
    or maybe #3
    Oh no….now I can’t decide 🙂

  3. Susan Ravenhall said

    tag 1 i reckon.

  4. sophie norved said

    If it’s the Dani I know, I reckon understated…Tag 1

  5. Susan said

    I love tag 1 – could I purchase if not chosen??

  6. allysonadeney said

    Thanks for your votes.
    Some more rosettes still to come ……. stay tuned….. and let me know what you think.

  7. […] I posted on 4 tag brooches as alternatives for the ‘Bronte’ bag , for my friend […]

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