Commission Complete: A Bag for Deanna

February 4, 2011

Back in June 2010 I was given a very special bag of ties.

You can read about it here.

In short, it was a timeline of ties given to me by a lovely mother and daughter who are friends of mine, and who love harrysdesk.

At the time I was commissioned to make two satchel bags, using as many of the co-ordinating ties from the bag as I could.

Caroline’s you may remember looked like this.


Deanna’s bag was commissioned as a surprise Christmas gift from Caroline for her mother.

Have a peek.

Removable rosette on a vintage lace doily.

Deanna's satchel made from Graham's tie collection.

.... the back...

Floral sheeting as lining...

... a little shoulder padding...


4 Responses to “Commission Complete: A Bag for Deanna”

  1. Caroline E said

    Ooh! Don’t they look lovely! Mine is well used already, and mum really liked hers for Christmas. Thanks Ally! Perhaps there’s an old safari suit of dad’s that could be up-cycled into something more useful for next Christmas ! 🙂

  2. Deanna said

    Hi Ally,
    I have been very remiss in not thanking you for my lovely bag….I have been a bit pre-occupied for the past couple of months. It was an amazing surprise to receive it at Christmas and I am in awe of your creative streak!
    Sadly, the safari suit was donated to a ‘good cause’ shop a couple of years ago so you are excused from that challenge!
    Many thanks, Ally. Long may you continue to have inspirational up-cycling ideas for us all to enjoy.

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks Deanna,
      I have been praying for you over the last couple of months. Tough times….
      About that safari suit…… are you sure there isn’t another lurking in the cupboard somewhere?

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