An arty look at the second first day of school

January 31, 2011

….. or “12 year old starts high school”

Some of you will know that today was 12 year olds first day of High School.

Here is my take on an arty school photo.

Thanks everyone who prayed, sent her well wishing texts (to her new phone) and generally have cared about her big day.

All went well.

At 1:27 we received this text….

Going great guns see you soon

3 Responses to “An arty look at the second first day of school”

  1. Sarah Kelly said

    Oh wow! That is great. Can you get her to text me her number?

  2. So glad it was a great start…and so appropriate to commemorate it with some art! Love to the rapidly becoming independent girl! xxc

  3. Susan said

    A new era for a beautiful young lady.

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