Commission Complete: A Bag for Vanda

January 28, 2011

Over the next couple of weeks I will share with you few bag commissions I couldn’t show as they were being made… in case they were spotted by the wrong people and the surprise ruined.

This one was a Christmas gift.

Vanda's harrysdesk bag. Satchel Style.

This was a really fun one to design and make.

The lovely Thora sent me an email with pictures and a description of her sister-in-law, for inspiration.

‘She is a bit of a tomboy but she is also very stylish, liking to dress up for occasions. She skates, surfs, plays guitar, loves animals and drawing. A bit of an urban hippy.’

Meet Vanda....

.... here she is again....

Her gorgeous wedding was inspiration for the colours. Her favourites...

...more wedding loveliness....


Close Up.

The details....

Inside... spots inspired by bridesmaids wraps.


This was a really fun way to do a commission.

Not knowing the person adds to the challenge!

The photos were a real help, and it seems between Thora’s description of Vanda and her selection of photos, it seems we got it right.

Here is Vanda with her new harrysdesk bag.

Thora emailed me after Christmas with these encouraging words.

‘My SIL (sister in law) loved her bag heaps – it was a perfect match, and her favourite present :)’Thora

A happy Vanda!


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