Australia Day and the return to engaged blogging.

January 26, 2011

Hi blogging buddies!

I am back after an extended ( little longer than first intended) quietness, to wish you all a very happy Australia Day. I hope you spend it in a very Aussie fashion. Mainly eating, relaxing, being outside and being hot!

Whenever I take a blog break, I feel a certain pressure to produce something extremely interesting and insightful for my first blog back. When I am regularly writing posts I mostly just show you things I find interesting, inspiring or just things you might like to see.

So I will ignore the pressure and do just that.

An Australia Day treat for you!


The Baywatch Boys. Image from the North Queensland Register.


Over the break our family ventured to Gilgandra for Christmas with my extended family. Something I haven’t done since leaving school!

During our time there we hung out with my cousin, who told us about a guy Hugh Beveridge who is something of a local celebrity around Gilgandra . He is a farmer with a love for making film clips and he even has his own youtube channel Joe Merino. He also seems to be a man with perspective and (what we all call) the Aussie Spirit. He and some fellow farming mates put this video together in the aftermath of the devastating November floods that hit their farms, just to ‘cheer up’ the local farmers.

I hope someone nominated him for Australian of the year. This kind of stuff can save lives.

Armatree Pub. Image from G'day pubs.

It premiered in Armatree Pub a couple of weeks after the floods, and has since gone viral.

Baywatch Armatree

I hope you enjoy it.


5 Responses to “Australia Day and the return to engaged blogging.”

  1. ali said

    You might have noticed by now that I think this is priceless! Perhaps you have to know a few farmers to appreciate just how hilarious it is, but it kills me …

    • allysonadeney said

      You are right. Knowing farmers and a little about farming certainly adds to the funniness.
      For those not in the know… the red ‘life saving’ devices are chemical spray bottles, and the farmer is ‘skiing’ along an irrigation channel, being pulled by a ute.
      I’m, glad you liked it Ali.

  2. ali said

    Yes, and it just makes me think of some of the blokes on the land from my old church in Tamworth getting up to such a caper (some of them would!) … which cracks me up.

  3. quinn said

    oh, i’m so glad you are back! and happy belated aussie day! (yesterday at track, my friend made a shirt saying “happy australia day!” she loves australia…so i knew it was australia day, and i thought of you!)

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks Quinn.
      I am back, but my putting together of posts has really suffered from the break. I am all out of practice! Ahhhh.

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